(The way I usually Play)

"4 Card Reserve"

This way is for those that like more strategy and really changes the dynamic of the game. First you need at least 2 or more people to play and each person will need to have their own character card and deck. The objective of the game is to attack your opponents deck just like before, except this time you draw four cards from the deck and use them as a reserve. You will still follow the same mechanics in the Baccarat style except after the DRAW phase you will then choose which card in your reserve to play for your ATTACK phase.
STEP 1 DRAW - On your turn DRAW a card from your deck and place it in your reserve, you should now have 5 cards in your hand unless you have been attacked with a card that has you discard your reserve 
STEP 2 ATTACK Your character must ATTACK on your turn and will automatically defend your deck on your opponents turn. Total and resolve conflict damage. Follow any additional rules on the card. 

Step 3 DISCARD - Now discard the card in play and put it into your discard pile, it is now your opponents turn and they follow the 3 easy steps.
You lose if you have no cards in your deck.

Each BASIC deck comes with the following:
1 Character Card (That can equip up to 3 items)
15 Character Modifier Cards (5 Armor Cards, 5 Weapon Cards, 5 Disarm Character Cards)
10 Dec Modifier Cards (5 Regeneration Cards, 5 Devastation Cards)
5 Traps and Mishaps Cards (Thwart opponents attacks)
5 Special Attack Cards (2 Signature and 3 Surprise attacks)
15 Attack Cards

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