More Monster Dojo in Harmony

I set the modules up in the network view this way to help me better visualize how they work.
I pretend the modules are a little man and we are going on a journey together.

Here are the initial drawings before they get edited and refined and layers set to the correct z space.

Linking the modules up to the composite and display.
The same way layer order is defined by what is on top the layering order for the composite module is defined on what is on left, so:
 Left =Top
Now I want to make all the module unanimatable, 
because I will attach pegs to hold all the animation info.

So select all your layers in the timeline, and click the ad peg button

Organize the network view with this icon

And you get the full onion.

Add a peg to be a master peg

Select your all layers except for the new peg

And put them under/ drag them on top of the peg layer 

Now they are all connected to the master peg

I like to to set pivots and such later.

Pivots are done and new drawing elements are set, I believe as handles for the rig.

I cant wait to get this rig done and start drawing special poses for him.

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