David Reddick's "Legend Of Bill"

Had been meaning to do a sketch of my friends character Bill from his comic Legend Of Bill.

You should get to know or at least "e"know Dave he is a swell guy and a fantastic artist, friend him on facebook and tell him Sam sent ya.

Check out his stuff below.

David Reddick is a professional cartoonist working on comic strips such as “Legend of Bill,” “The Trek Life” at CBS/ STARTREK.COM, “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry” at, and he is a full-time cartoonist at Paws, Inc., where he works on the “Garfield” comic strip, as well as conceptual art, character design, marketing, publishing and licensing.

David also worked as an award-winning staff cartoonist at a daily newspaper for 6 years where his editorial cartoons and single-panel cartoons were (and still are) distributed to newspapers nationwide through Artizans Syndicate, Scripps Howard News Service and CNHI News Service. David also produces comics and cartoons for magazines like Star Trek Magazine, Knights of the Dinner Table, Nickelodeon and Scholastic’s The New York Times Upfront, to name a few, and has created comic book work for IDW Publishing and Tokyopop, has created product designs for various companies like Paws, Inc. (Garfield), Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios, Roddenberry Productions, Canson, Inc. and the NCAA, creates mobile content for providers like CBSMobile and ROK Comics in the UK, and his abstract and pop art paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Indianapolis, Florida, Michigan, England and France, and he’s painted wall murals in Japan.

David also does lots of other stuff too, like attend conventions nationwide, talks to schools and groups about art and comics, and occasionally, if the planets are aligned properly, he even finds time to doodle in his sketchbook everyday, play with his kids and eat and sleep.

Legend of Bill webcomic:
Gene's Journal
Rod&Barry webcomic:
The Trek Life

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