Interactive 3D Printed Zoetrope as an animation teaching tool

So where I am at in Indiana there seems to be a lot of confusion on how animation works, I have decided to make an interactive zoetrope with little 3d sculptures that should help the people around here learn a little about the mechanics, or nuts and bolts of animation.

So the zoetrope will have 3 interactive backgrounds.
  1. Will be the poses of the models drawn out to go behind it. 
  2. Will be just a nice fun repeating pan, it will only go over the basics and I will not be setting it up to move on ones as the timing will ultimately be varied based on the person spinning it.
  3. Will have some background similar to above but with animated elements to it.

The models/ sculptures will be of my little sad robot character doing a march of sorts, I will have do this part in maya so I can 3D print him and then have him stuck to little numbered wedges that can be placed into the center of the zoetrope. Currently I plan on making the passing positions interchangeable to vary the walk a bit, I am still working his march out but I kicked this out to give an idea where I want to go with it.

When I am done making it I am going to donate it to the local Children's Museum .

Click on Image For Animation