My Sons and TOTORO: WIP, Part 1

For those of you who don't know me on a personal level, I have two kids, Zeke, who is six years old and Ben, who is two.

They are great kids, we have a lot of fun, we chase the dog together, throw sticks, put on puppet shows and watch films by Hayao Miazaki.

The boys favorite film is My Neighbor TOTORO, I also love this movie and so I decided to make a series of portraits of my boys in various scenes of the film done in the style of Miazaki.

I have a month of before the next season of Archer pulls me back to the office, so I decided no time is like the present to get these done, so I thought I would share my process.

This first piece is for my son Zeke.

I wanted to draw him with Totoro waiting at the bus stop, so I started with the background.

After I get the background to where I want it I do a quick sketch of where I want Zeke and Totoro, I give my self a few options for Totoro's business, but I already know where I want Zeke and I will bring in a stop sign later on.