Studio Challenge # 007

Sam Ellis-


Mr Abegglen's personal assistant said...

Hey Man. Just wanted to say good luck with the move and all and I hope that you find purpose in VA Beach. Hope all goes wel and I hope to see you maybe at least once before we go bye-bye too.

Good Luck!

The Graphite Shaman said...

yo kid, nice stuff...hope things are good in the new crib.. heres a link to my project (very similar to yours), stay connected man....croe

Kelsey said...

Nice work, dude! Good Mikey Mig work here. You should try to make those backgrounds represent something rather than just having swirling...whatever. You know what I mean? I know Mignola does do that a lot, but his real stand outs are when he throws a statue back there in the shadows. It's those little extras that aren't really fun to draw that make your peice fill "complete"

2 cents for free :)